Garage door stuck open off track

Garage door stuck?

garage door off track
garage door off track before
garage door off track after
garage door off track after

If your garage door is stuck open or is off track give us a call.  We can help. We are experts at helping you get your door back in working order quickly.







Stuck garage door.

garage door stuck open closed off track
If this happens to you we can help

The most common cause of a stuck off track garage door is the door comes in contact with something while it is closing causing one side to get stuck for a fraction of a second while the other side is still moving.  This causes slack to form in the cable on the side that stops or catches.  This causes the cable to pop off the drum and wind around the torsion bar.  When this happens the garage door will get stuck in the track.  And, since the door is no longer square in the tracks it could do a lot of damage to your tracks and they may need to be replaced.  If this happens to you don’t be alarmed.  Call the professionals at North Metro Garage Arvada today.