Garage Door Repair and Service

Our Garage door repair starts at $75 however in some instances we will charge less than that depending how easy the repair is.

images (2) Most garage door spring repairs range between $200 and $275 and this includes parts, labor, trip charge and everything else (We will even throw in a free tune up and lubrication of all moving parts.) The price will go up if new rollers, hinges, cables, bearings or other parts are needed to complete the repair.  We do offer a full service overhaul which includes springs, bearings and rollers for $400.  Each door is a different weight and not just any springs will work.  Our experienced technicians know which springs are the right springs for your door so that it will balance properly.  When your door is balanced properly it will not fall to the ground when it is open or go up by itself when it is not connected to the garage door opener. A balanced door saves a lot of wear and tear on your opener.

g&sIf your opener stops working but the motor is still running it is probably because of a bad gear and sprocket assembly.  We replace these for $135 and this is the less expensive alternative to replacing the whole opener because the motor will probably last another 10 years or longer.  The gear and sprocket will wear out at about the 12 year mark for chain drive openers.  When these do go out the more inexpensive repair option is to replace the gear and sprocket assembly and will save you about $200 over having a whole new opener installed.

garage door stuck or off track repairIf you find yourself with an off track or stuck door the cost can range from $100 to (sorry to say it) a whole new door which can range from $450 to $1400 or more. Stuck doors can be very dangerous to repair.  Please do not attempt to do it yourself on this one.  For more information click on our link here for stuck garage door.

If you have any questions or would like a quote feel free to call us at 720-212-9933.