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Garage door repair Arvada, providing fast, friendly and affordable garage door repair services.

Arvada Colorado is the new home for North Metro Garage LLC. We are your garage door repair in Arvada experts providing new garage doors, spring repair and replacement, stuck and off track door repair, new openers and more!

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Garage door repair Arvada, Stuck garage door, Garage door replacement
Hopefully this never happens to you but if it does we can replace your door for you!

In the picture above someone drove into their garage door.  Believe it or not this happens all the time.  Sometimes we can repair or replace a panel or two but this depends if that panel is still being manufactured.  If it is we can replace panels pretty easily.  If it is no longer being made sometimes we can unbend things a little and make it functional but this is just a band-aid to the problem and the door will start to fall apart.  Most of the time our garage door repair in Arvada team will recommend replacing the door depending upon the extent of the damage.

Even though this person drove into their garage door it caused the garage door to go off track.  Obviously this garage door is stuck in the tracks and will not open or close.  When these things happen it is usually caused by a cable coming off on one side of the door or the other.  In these cases the garage door will go crooked in the track.  Trying to fix this yourself can be very dangerous since your garage door weighs 130 pounds or more and the last thing you need is it to fall on you or your property.  When your garage door is crooked it can sometimes bend the tracks and those will need to be replaced for the door to function properly in the future.

Whether it is a tune and lube that is needed or you need your garage door replaced we can do it all.

The most common reason that your garage door is not opening is due to a broken spring.  Have your springs replaced today starting at $200.